Race is very real. Unfortunately, so is racism. I am not sure I understand why anyone would be proud to be a particular race, after all, they had no choice in the matter. Death reigns over every race, pointing to the truth that we all are accountable to God, who gives life, and takes back the life He gives. The Bible tells me that all races have a common ancestry, and every man and woman is created in the image of God. It seems to me that racism started when man decided to turn away from the God who gave him life. Selfishness and hate and pride are deserving of punishment, but God’s love moved Him to send His Son, Jesus Christ, who bore our sins, receiving God’s just punishment for them, so that all who trust in Christ might be pardoned, and receive new life, and actually love God and his fellow men made in God’s image. A true turning back to God in Christ will result in a true concern for all humanity.