The Old Testament has many “memorials” erected by man to cause future generations to not forget the significant acts of God on behalf of men. It is a good thing, too, to remember the sacrifices of men and women for the sake of their fellow men and future generations. This Memorial day, when you remember what others have done from which you have benefited, don’t forget to remember the kindness and goodness of God, who not only graciously gives and sustains your life, but gave His Son, Jesus Christ, to be your sin-bearer upon whom God’s righteous wrath was poured, so that God could be just, and the justifier of ungodly sinners who place their faith only and completely in the work of Christ for their salvation from sin. God has erected a memorial so we can easily remember what He has done for us, and that memorial is the universe! The next time you marvel at the ocean, or a star-lit night, or the mountains, or study ants, bees, or any of God’s marvelous creatures, remember that God is worthy of our praise and thanks.