Paul believed that Christians are running a race for the souls of men (1 Corinthians 9).  He believed no sacrifice was too great in order to spread the gospel of Christ.  He told us to run the race with all our might to finish first.  He spoke of an imperishable crown to all who would run this race in this manner. 

Saturday in Louisville there will be a 100+ year old horse race where thousands of people will spend millions of dollars to participate in some way and millions of people around the world will wager many millions more on its outcome.  The winner will receive the famous roses, which will soon fade away.  Five years from today very few will remember who won this race.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is nearly 2000 year old and is still producing disciples who are willing to suffer persecution and even death for His Great Name!  Those faithful until death will receive a crown of life lasting forever!

People need the gospel.  Come on, believers, let’s run!