The name of Charles Colson brings to some minds an image of a power-hungry, ambitious and unscrupulous man.  Once upon a time, that was absolutely correct and he would agree.  Something happened, however, that caused him to become a servant of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and a servant to many in prison and their families.  No one who knew him would or could deny that when he died, he was not the man he used to be.  His change began with the deep realization of his sinfulness, a participation in a simple Bible study, and the realization that Jesus Christ paid the penalty for his sins and offered him new life completely free!  That offer still stands for “whosoever will.”  The gospel of Jesus Christ is the power of God unto salvation for everyone who believes.”  Colson was changed by the gospel.  He spoke of this change at my graduation from DTS in 1990.  I, too, have been changed by the gospel.  How about  you?